Distance Learning

Resources, Tools, and Guidance for MN Schools and Educators

DECEMBER 2020 HINDSIGHT NOTE -- This repository of information was created on March 16, 2019. On this starting date of school pandemic changes, the governor announced that in two days all schools will close and all learning will be distance. Ready...GO!

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Minnesota school districts are creating effective long-term distance learning plans.

This resource site is designed to support and assist our schools in this endeavor. Please find assets and guidance here for administrators and planning committees, and for classroom teachers.

This project is a collaboration between the Northwest Service Cooperative's Education Services Department and the Northern Sky Regional Center of Excellence.

A 1 clock hour CEU certificate is available upon completion.

For further questions, please contact:

Jake Seuntjens, NWSC Education Services Director -- [email protected]

Becca Neal, Northern Sky Regional Center of Excellence Director -- [email protected]

For technical as well as content questions, please contact Gina Drellack: [email protected]

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