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We're glad you're here! This free course is a collaborative offering from Minitex, the Northern Lights Library Network, and the Northwest Service Cooperative. Please move through the learning modules at your own pace, marking each lesson Complete as you finish it. You may revisit any lesson at any time, this course comes with lifetime access!

CEU Certificate -- 1 clock hour

When all of the modules are completed to 100%, your CEU certificate for one clock hour will become available. You may access your certificate at any time via a then newly-created link at the bottom left.

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Closed-captions are available!

Some of the modules have video lessons. In these cases you can click the "CC" button on the videos to toggle the closed captioning feature on and off. This can be found by hovering over the video and looking at the bottom right of it.

Questions along the way?

Please contact Gina Drellack from the Northwest Service Cooperative if you have questions about your course. [email protected]

Moving Through the Course

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